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Frazetta and Tolkien prints including The Hobbit
Frank Frazetta's 'Death Dealer' BERNI WRIGHTSON COLLECTIBLES STEVE HICKMAN'S Wizards, Rings, Elves, & Things!
Frank Frazetta
Steve Hickman
And Others

     We have been selling, distributing, and publishing various Fantasy and Science Fiction art prints, posters, and limited editions for over 45 years.

     All of our Worldbeater Frazetta prints, and our Hickman (cover illustrator of the 1998 Lord Of The Rings Calendar) prints, were made from original negatives that were shot from the original oil paintings, and printed on 18"X24", 100# canvas textured stock. These high quality reproduction art prints are printed with such sharpness and clarity that every brushstroke may be seen-- giving the effect of an actual painting. In fact, our prints may be framed in wooden frames, without glass, and they look like original oils!

     Our prints may be ordered flat (shipped lightly rolled), or shrinkwrapped (placed on an Ivory-finished cardboard backing, and wrapped tightly with high quality 75 gauge plastic film). Shrinkwrapped prints may be stored for years, perfectly protected from dust, moisture, and dirt. They may also be hung on your wall, "as-is", like a matted print. The print may be removed easily at any time, simply by tearing the protective plastic wrap. There is an extra $5.00 charge, per print, for shrinkwrapping.

     Prices listed are RETAIL, and in U.S. Dollars. Dealers, stores, and other merchants may contact us for wholesale pricing, and FREE DISPLAYS. Please simply push the WHOLESALE button for this information, and "march" through the next three pages by scrolling to the bottom of each page, and clicking the small purple "Next" link. Please note that all phone numbers in the Wholesale Section are for the use of bona fide merchants, with Resale Permits, only. Retail Customers, please use the phone numbers and information on all the other pages. Please note that our business hours are 10am to 7pm EST, M-F.

     Please shop our website by simply pushing the appropriate buttons. Most buttons have several web pages under them-- just scroll to the bottom of each page, and click the small purple "Next" link, to go to the next page under that particular button. Our web pages are designed to follow one another in a simple, logical, and enjoyable manner, and yet they are still linked to each other for ease in shopping, with our Shopping Cart.

     Rest assured that your credit cards are secure when you use them to shop with us. Our servers use SSL encryption to protect your credit card numbers and other confidential data, so that you can submit your order with confidence. Our Foreign Customers please note that we ship all over the world, at very reasonable rates, and although you submit your order in $U.S., your credit card will be debited in your own currency, at the exchange rate current at the time your order is shipped. There are several sites on the web that give up-to-date currency conversions.

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